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If Ukraine does not fulfill the IMF requirements, the country runs the risk of a default, said Groisman. The failure of cooperation with the IMF the main risk to Kiev previously called the national Bank of Ukraine and Fitch

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If Ukraine does not fulfill the requirements of the IMF, including the increase of prices for gas for the population, the country will be “on the brink of default,” said Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. This he said in a speech on the TV channel “inter”, excerpts from the speech published on the website of the Prime Minister on Twitter.

Groisman has recognized that Ukraine, who took loans from the IMF, was “abandoned debt”. “Obviously, the economy is growing, but on our shoulders a debt which we cannot pay. It is necessary to enter foreign markets, perekreditovyvatsya, reduce interest,” he said.

Stated Prime Minister of Ukraine and that Kiev cannot abandon the requirements of the IMF to increase the size of the budget and an increase in the cost of utilities for the population. “I am the first to reduce prices of resources. But non-compliance will put Ukraine on the brink of default. We want the crisis? I don’t Prime crisis I crisis”, — said Groisman. In this case, said the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, the credibility of Ukraine in the IMF has been undermined by the fact that earlier the representatives of Kiev “the Memorandum with the creditors signed and did not fulfill the promise”. to rectify the situation should the current negotiations with the IMF. The results of the Ukrainian Premier promised to present in two weeks.

The opposite point of view concerning gas prices for Ukraine’s population were previously expressed by the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the “Opposition bloc” Yuriy Pavlenko. The MP expressed the opinion that rising gas prices could also lead the country to default due to the fact that the rising costs of vulnerable populations will require the allocation of grants to them.

The increase in gas tariffs remains one of the key conditions of the IMF, providing loans to Kiev. In early April, the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry Arsen Avakov told from the IMF requirement to raise gas tariffs by 35% to continue financial assistance. In late may, the Chairman of the Ukrainian National Commission of regulation of energy and utilities Dmitry Vovk said that we can talk about the growth of prices by 70%.

Fitch called the IMF a key factor in creditworthiness of Ukraine


Getting tranches from the IMF, analysts say one of the key conditions of financial stabilnosti Ukraine. In August, the Fitch ratings Agency in its report has indicated that failure of the agreements with the Fund can become for Kiev “source of uncertainty”. Similar assessments were made by the national Bank of Ukraine, called the failure of cooperation with the IMF the main risk for the Ukrainian economy.

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