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To the city Day celebrations in 2018, Moscow city hall signed contracts for 457,2 mln Is the smallest amount over the past four years, the most expensive cost of dispersal of the clouds

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Moscow authorities will spend on the Day of the 2018 more 457,2 mln (including funds for organization of the festival “Flower jam”). On this amount, the city has entered into contracts for the holiday, estimated by RBC according to the Unified information system in procurement.

The amount pledged by the municipality to this event — the most modest in four years: less was only in 2014 when the Day of the city spent 250 million rubles. More — 742 million roubles — city hall was laid on the 870 anniversary of Moscow in 2017. For comparison: holding in the capital of the Victory Day celebrations in 2018 at a cost city hall more than 600 million rubles.

The city day will be held on September 8-9. 9 Sep its celebration will coincide with elections of the mayor of the capital. In them will take part the acting mayor Sergei Sobyanin, Vadim Cumin (CPRF), Mikhail Balakin (“the Union of townspeople”), Ilya Sviridov (“Fair Russia”) and Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR).

That he spent

The most expensive city hall will cost the dispersal of clouds. For this the Agency of atmospheric technologies will receive approximately 100,1 million rubles (last year this procedure has a cost of 97.4 million rubles). Under the terms of the contract, the clouds over the city if necessary, dispersed to 12 units of speculatii using the granulated carbonic acid, liquid nitrogen and powdered reagent.

On the organization of concert programs and festivals from the city budget and areas allocated 237,8 mln., which is comparable with the 2017 year (at concerts and events spent almost 253 million rubles).

Holiday decorations will cost 67,2 million roubles — is much cheaper than last year when only on light structures the municipality has spent nearly 300 million rubles and about 60 million paid then for other design elements, wrote RBC.

RBC has sent requests to the Department of housing and communal services of Moscow and the company “Mossvet”, which until then was the contracts for lighting design, about lighting in the city Day. The answers by the time of the writing of the text was not received.

More than a quarter of the pledged sum will be spent on the design and the equipment of the holiday at ENEA. The winner is the exhibition centre of the tender in the amount of 19.7 million rubles became the company “MST”. She was engaged in design of exhibitions and in the past year — then it was worth 17.5 million RUB.

The cost of the fireworks in 2018, slightly above last year’s spending — 33.5 million RUB (that’s 2 million more than in 2017). Fireworks are planned in all districts, many parks, such as Gorky Park, Sokolniki, Hermitage garden, Bauman Garden and other independently organized fireworks in their territory. Contracts on them was back in the spring and also included fireworks on the occasion of Victory Day.

In addition to the activities organised especially for the city Day, in those days, the municipality has organized the festival “Flower jam”. The cost to budget for all the days (from 30 August to 9 September) exceeded 5.2 million rubles., estimated by RBC.

Who got the money

The largest contracts, with the exception of the contract for the dispersal of the clouds, got the company “Art Production”. Under the terms of the two contracts for a total amount of 32.5 million rubles. “Art Production” will provide equipment to conduct the two-day festivities near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Poklonnaya hill. The contract also stated that for the organization of events needs the blessing of Patriarch Kirill.

The day of Moscow abroad

RBC found four contracts on foreign festive events on the occasion of the city Day of Moscow. They concluded with “Houses of Moscow” and the Belarusian Center of modern social technologies, totaling more than 1.7 million rubles of sue “Moscow center of international cooperation”. In Minsk for the celebration of the city Day of Moscow organized a reception in Yerevan, Bishkek and Sukhum — concerts.

The founder and CEO of “Art Production” is Alexey Titov. Although the company is not affiliated directly with other legal persons, according to what is specified in the SPARK database e-mail (, Titov is relevant to the holding MF Group.

MF Group, which is owned by six people, is often received from the Moscow government structures contracts organization of urban festivals, concerts or events. On the company’s page in social network “Vkontakte” States that the holding company provided the equipment for the rally-concert “Russia. Sevastopol. The Crimea” held in March 2018 in Moscow forum “Russia — country of opportunities”, the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Gorky Park. As previously wrote RBC, the group also participated in the organization of the festival “Moscow jam”, “Moscow autumn” and “Journey to Christmas”.

To organize the fireworks will be the company “Orion-art” (it was awarded a contract by 27.8 million rubles for the organization of fireworks in the administrative districts of Moscow) and OOO “Piro-Ross” (11 contracts for a five-minute fireworks in the parks for a total amount of RUB 4.8 billion).

Other companies that received large contracts in the framework of the organization of the city Day, also previously engaged in conduct of activities in the budget money. For example, the Agency “Standard of a professional organization” (SPO) that will receive 16.5 million rubles for organization of festivities on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, in 2018, concluded the state contracts for more than 90 million rubles., including the contract for 53,6 million rubles for the organization of the Moscow cultural forum. Its CEO Julia Harakterov, according to “Medusa”, in June 2018, pointed out on his page on Facebook that works as Deputy head of the Department on youth policy of a private University “synergy” — where co-owner SPO Maria Babkina. Currently, the page Characterology removed.

Creative workshop “Theatre,” owned by Olga Batalova, received from the Moscow Directorate of mass events the contract on the organization of festivities in CAO 14.4 million RUB She has participated in other capital events. With the beginning of the year workshop “Teart” already received from the management contracts 71.2 million rubles In 2016 and 2017 workshop that does not have its own website, has benefited from government contracts worth more than 99 million and 143 million rubles, respectively.

Double celebration

The day of the city in 2018 will coincide with the single day of voting on 9 September in Moscow will choose the mayor. Often Council, announces the tenders indicated in their title the need for festive decoration of polling stations.

RBC found the contracts for the issue of polling stations for a total amount of 69.5 mln. More than anything in this design spent the Prefecture of the southern administrative district of Moscow. She concluded with “Emden” contract 24.1 million rubles for the issue of polling stations. Individual entrepreneur Nikita Arzhantsev has entered into about 30 contracts with the councils of several Moscow districts in festive decoration of polling stations. It will receive nearly 14.7 million RUB Other companies, for example, OOO “Multidisciplinary Association “Sirius”, LLC “Workshop of holidays “Kaleidoscope of emotions” and others, received several contracts from different administrations for the issue of polling stations.

A regular competitor

Most of the contracts were awarded to OOO “SC Wave”, which organizes the celebration in 16 districts of Moscow. The value of the contracts inherited by the company is 9 million rubles, the Company annually participates in tenders for entertainment events in Russia. In 2018 the only competitor “SC Wave” most often played SP Galina Dobryakova. In its proposal, the entrepreneur does not make allowances from the boards prices, and OOO “SC Wave” set offer with minimum discount of 0.5%. As a criterion of prices declared by the councils conditions of winning the tender was the most significant, the company became the winner in all tenders in which it participated.

The expert on state purchases Ivan begtin in a conversation with RBC assumed that, in the case of “SC Wave” and her constant rival in the electronic auctions can be detected by signs of cartel. RBC sent a request to OFAS of Moscow.

To make a discount of 15-20% of the initial (maximum) price of contracts “SK Wave” had to make only three tenders from 16. Because participation in tenders Dobryakova, which had set a price of 1% less from the maximum, and “SC Wave” — on 6% less, the last received contracts in 2017. Thus, the LLC “SC Wave” last year, successfully received two contracts for a total amount of 4.5 million rubles for the organization of thematic festivals in Moscow. CEO and founder of LLC “SC Wave”, according to the register, is Sergey Fedyanin. Company e-mail and phone number recorded in the SPARK database, designates as its contact the shipping company “Finch”, which organizes trips on boats. Galina Dobryakova, according to the register, is not and was not a co-owner or Director of any legal entities.

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