“The Russian player Cheryshev in Spain were checked for doping

Employees of the anti-doping services have attracted words of a year ago the father of the player that the player alleged to have used “human growth hormone”

Denis Cerisette: AP/TASS

– Spanish anti-doping service has begun check on the use of the midfielder, “Valencia” and the national team of Russia on football Denis by Cheryshev illegal drugs, reports The Telegraph.

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It is noted that the reason for the test were the statements the player’s father, former Russian football player Dmitry Cheryshev that his son some time ago, even before the 2018 world Cup in Russia took “growth hormones”.

June 30 of this year the Russian football Union issued a statement in which the Ministry denied the fact of application by Cheryshev Jr. of illegal drugs.

“By some foreign media attempts to accuse Denis Cheryshev selling based on information distorted one of the mass media and wrongly circulated in July 2017. We are talking about the story about the treatment of Denis Cheryshev club doctors “Villarreal” platelet rich plasma (PRP therapy) that does not belong to banned substances”, – stated in the message of the RFU.

“The journalist who took the interview of Dmitry Cheryshev, the footballer, has misinterpreted his words and called PRP-“the treatment using growth hormones” that fundamentally distorts the meaning. This is confirmed by the audio recording of interviews and by the media. In this case, note that information about the treatment potential player of the national team last year was checked by the medical Committee of the RFU, and any possible violations of anti-doping legislation have been identified. The treatment was strictly within the rules, and the need for permits therapeutic use of any substance and alert the Spanish anti-doping Agency was not”, – stressed in the RFU.

On the same day appeared the statements of Dmitry Cheryshev, who also referred to the wrong interpretation of the journalist.

“First, I can honestly say, I don’t know where all these were written. Second, the journalist is not that confused. As you write, that I allegedly said of the inconsistency of the club. This generally can not be. The most important thing! I am a professional football person and know what kind of word it is. There was nothing there. The journalist is completely all messed up. So it’s all nonsense”, – cited the words of Dmitry Cheryshev “championship”.

Denis Cheryshev became one of the heroes of the 2018 world Cup, he had four goals in five matches. At the end of the world Cup has moved on loan from “Villarreal” in Valencia (both Spain).

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