“Roma Cuaron was awarded the “Golden lion” Venice film festival

Russian actress won the prize for female role

Alfonso cuarón with the “Golden lion”Photo: epa/vostock-photo

The winner of the main award of the 75th Venice film festival, the Golden lion, was the film “Roma” Mexican Alfonso Cuaron.

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As the correspondent of “Interfax” on Saturday, the jury’s decision was announced at a ceremony on the main ground of review – Sala Grande.

The Director from the stage, thanked the women who worked on the film, and noted, among other things, the streaming platform Netflix, which acted as the film-makers.

Roma” Alfonso Cuaron for the entire festival were the three leaders of the rating both critics and the public. Black-and-white film tells about the difficult life of a middle-class family in Mexico city 1970-ies – about the relationship within the family, with servants, whose lives are intertwined against the background of outgoing in-country rallies, clashes with police and political unrest.

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