UAC announced the completion of import substitution in the military sector : Technology and media :: RBC

The President of the United aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar said that the process actually completed. Speaking about import substitution in the civilian sector, he said that the Corporation is engaged in reducing its costs

Yuri Slyusar

(Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS)

United aircraft Corporation (UAC) has nearly completed the process of import substitution in the production technology for the military. This was stated by the President of Corporation Yury Slyusar on “Gidroaviasalon-2018” in Gelendzhik, reports RBC.

“Commissar, we actually import substitution has already finished”, — he said, answering a reporter’s question RBC.

With regard to the import of civilian goods, then the Corporation faces the challenge to reduce its cost, said Slusar.

The KLA said about import substitution of Ukrainian components in the Tu-95MS


In mid-August Slusar stated that under the import substitution program engineers began to replace parts of Ukrainian origin in the strategic bomber Tu-95MS. He stressed that the plane modernizarea in two stages. Replacing the Ukrainian parts for Russian, the service life of the Tu-95MS is extended for another 35 years, emphasized the President of UAC.

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