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Previously, this right had 14 parties, but on the basis of the single voting day on 9 September, “the Civil platform” Parnassus and the “Civil force” have lost it, and the Communist party and Party of pensioners — received

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The Central election Commission (CEC) reported that “parliamentary privilege”, that is, the right to participate in parliamentary elections without collection of signatures of voters, now have a “Baker’s dozen” Russian parties.

If the party list is in the elections to the legislative Assembly of at least one of regions of Russia, this party gets the right to collect signatures for elections to the state Duma, said in comments RBC CEC member Yevgeny Shevchenko.

“There were 14 parties who could not collect signatures at the additional elections to the state Duma [of candidates] is put forward, and now a number of parties took the evidence of the authority and receipt of new factions in the legislative Assembly”, — he said.

Shevchenko explained that the results of the single voting day on 9 September 2018 PARNAS, “Civil force” and “Civil platform” quotas are not confirmed, while the pensioners ‘ Party and the Communist party of social justice (CPSU) got them.

Party of pensioners of Russia will receive the “parliamentary privilege” for the elections to the state Duma


“PARNASSUS was removed, “Civil force” are not nominated, and “Civic platform” in two legislatures did not pass. It turns out that we had 14 parties minus three plus two, that is 13 parties have the right to collect signatures for the elections to the state Duma — a Baker’s dozen,” — said CEC member.

According to the CEC, the Party of pensioners of Russia received the “parliamentary privilege”, going to the Legislative Assembly of Zabaykalsky Krai, and the Communist party was held in the Legislative Assembly of Vladimir region.

According to preliminary results of the elections in the state Duma they defeated one representative of the liberal democratic party, one of five Communist party and United Russia. In the Amur the constituency was won by the representative of LDPR Andrey Kuzmin, in the Saratov single-mandate district — the former Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Olga Alimov in Balashovskiy single-mandate district in the same region — the grandson of Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. Single-mandate district in Samara was elected Advisor to the Director of the Federal service of National guard troops Alexander Hinstein (“United Russia”). In the Kaliningrad region, according to preliminary data, has defeated the United Russia Alexander Eroshok in Nizhny Novgorod — his fellow party member Dmitry Svatkovsky, in Zavolzhsky single-mandate district in Tver region — Sergei Veremeenko.

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