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“Mail of Russia” launches a new route of delivery from China to the far East, the Urals and Siberia: now they will not go through Moscow, and Vladivostok. On the new route will account for 40% of sales of AliExpress in Russia

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“Mail of Russia” Monday, September 10, launches a new route of delivery of mail from China, which is two times reduces the time of sending to the far East, the Urals and Siberia, said RBC representative of “Mail of Russia”. We are talking about unrecorded departures — those that accept the sender without a receipt and handed to the addressee without a receipt: this can be letters, postcards, parcels and small packets (parcels less than 2 kg for the border). As a rule, cheap goods worth less than $10.

As explained by the representative of the postal operator, mail from Hong Kong will now come by sea to Vladivostok. From there, the train of “Mail of Russia” it will be delivered to the places of international postal exchange in Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Moscow. The scheme will be additional to the existing one, when unrecorded shipments are delivered by truck, usually to Ekaterinburg or Moscow, and from there trains to the far East.

Two times faster

According to the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) in 2017 from 290 million cross-border shipments, 91% was in the parcel from China, just last year, Russians spent in the Chinese online store 198 billion rubles. Average bill of Russian buyers in the Chinese online shops was about $10.

In the “Mail of Russia” say that the number of parcels from China is growing rapidly, which stimulates the search for more effective logistics solutions. The company has tested a new route with a small number of shipments in July—August this year: customers received packages faster. “The new route was worked out in cooperation with Chinese partners and allows us to deliver shipments from online stores and marketplaces (sites of electronic Commerce. — RBC) of China by rail directly to the regions of the Far East, Siberia, the Urals and Moscow. By optimising the logistics of the delivery period simple mail will be reduced for most of the Eastern regions of Russia”, — has transferred through a press-service of Deputy General Director of “Mail of Russia” in the mail order business, and Express delivery Sergey Malyshev.

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According to the AliExpress marketplace, by optimising the route of delivery of parcels will be reduced for most of the Eastern regions and small towns up to 14 days from order to receipt. Before the maximum delivery time reached 40 days. According to the Director General of AliExpress in Russia, Liu Weia, on a new route to account for up to 40% of all parcels AliExpress. “It will affect the speed of delivery and reduce the burden on distribution centres “Mail of Russia” in Moscow,” said Liu Wei, noting that before a significant number of parcels processed at the logistic centre in the Moscow region and sent by the mail routes to the East.

On rails — to the apartment

“Traffic shipment from China is constantly growing, and such a large volume of cross-border trade, as in Russia, anywhere in the world. It is therefore logical that the “Mail of Russia” restructuring its logistics to make shipping of goods became faster and more convenient,” — said the President of AKITA Artem Sokolov.

In his opinion, despite the fact that “Mail of Russia” is a monopolist in the Russian market, it still has competitors in the face of private courier services. “And if the “Mail of Russia” will not improve your service, it may lose some customers. The company is also trying to get rid of costs of delivery of parcels,” — said Sokolov. According to him, the main beneficiary of changes in the logistics of “Mail of Russia” will be AliExpress, as it is this area of “maximum loads capacity of the postal operator”. Per month AliExpress is visited by 150 million unique users from Russia, these indicators are not in any other marketplace, the President said AKITA.

Director of research Agency Infranews Alexey Bezborodov sure that the “Mail of Russia” is long overdue to change logistics in a similar way. According to him, this route in case of supply of goods to the far East and in Siberia compared with the route via Moscow is shorter and cheaper.

Alexei Bezborodov noted that the “Mail of Russia” there are two options on this route: with the use of vans and containers. In the first case the car will go with stops at every station and unload parcels where there are recipients. The second container will be delivered quickly to a warehouse in a major city such as Novosibirsk, and from there parcels will be distributed according to the nearest points on the car.

The expert agrees that the new route will unload the Moscow node, but the storage capacity here will not be idle because the market is growing very fast and lost volumes will quickly be replaced by others.

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