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The Russian team scored the fifth ball in gate of the Czech Republic in the second half of the friendly match

Head coach of Russia Stanislav Cherchesova TASS Sergei Bobylev

Friendly match Russian and Czech players is held in Rostov-on-don

Hello everybody!

“Interfax” offers to your attention a text broadcast of the friendly match between Russia and Czech Republic football!

The game will be held today in Rostov-na-Donu and will start at 19:00 Moscow time

Recently Russian national team successfully started in the League of Nations, beating the national team of Turkey (on the opponent’s field, by the way) with the score 2:1!

Attention, the national team of Russia! See a description to the tweet, there you will know who is the captain of the team!

Starting lineup @TeamRussia for the match with the Czech Republic. Gazinskaya is a captain! pic.twitter.com/liG87zYU4k

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018

You may be confused by the fact that our stream is soldered to the story the League of Nations, they say, and then the League, if it was a friendly game. But this game can be called preparatory to the next matches of the League of Nations!

So the Russian football team appeared at the stadium

We are in the stadium! pic.twitter.com/StamdEFJG6

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018

In the match of the League of Nations against Turkey on Friday captain of Russian national team was Artem Dzyuba, but he was injured and left the team. Main captain, Igor Akinfeev, for the matches against Turkey and the Czech Republic were not called.

Here it is, Yuri Gazinskiy, captain of the Russian national team in today’s game! Incidentally, the author of the first goal of the world Cup 2018! He smote the gates of Saudi Arabia – and away: the Russians scored four times and won 5:0!

Captain for the match Russia and the Czech Republic will be Ari! pic.twitter.com/q7qs5U96Ef

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018

Wait to begin!

That’s about to start! pic.twitter.com/MuO6WMElEB

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018

The teams took the field. Now sounding of the national anthems!

That’s about to start! pic.twitter.com/MuO6WMElEB

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018

By the way, the only Czech team!


Na @TeamRussia v tomto složení 👊 pic.twitter.com/tGEoME1GvO

— Česká fotbalová reprezentace (@ceskarepre_cz) September 10, 2018


The match is underway! The chief justice’s name is Aliyar Aghayev, he is from Azerbaijan. My name is Vladimir Nardin (Russia).


The Russians are playing in red and white, in 3-3,76 seconds after the opening whistle brought the ball into the penalty area. Then the opponent cleared the ball. And so could become a quick goal like this:


Until I bumped into nostalgia (instead of to follow the UPS and downs of the match) Czech Republic national team earned a free-kick


With the right flank of the attack of the Czech attack was the standard in the penalty area of the Russians. Have also managed to clear the ball


On the left flank sharpness creates our Denis Cheryshev. He’s shot in the penalty of the Czech team whose goalkeeper tomáš Koubek confident the ball is intercepted


Cheryshev has recently passed from the Spanish “Villarreal” in the Spanish Valencia on loan and as recently scored in the championship match (Spain, of course) against Levante.


Now, our earned a free-kick and also on the right flank attack!


Ions gave the penalty, there’s either hit his head, or closed at the far post Erokhin: the ball went out of play


Russia – Czech Republic. 1:0


GOOOOOOOOOOAL! The Russian team opened the scoring! The captain’s armband so miraculous impact on Yury Gazinskiy that he his pass from the midfield led to goal two players at the same time (that is, the output of the two to one goalkeeper)! The ball fell at the feet of Alex Ionova, and he struck past the goalkeeper!


The joy of the stands and players

⚽ 1:0 LEAD!!! pic.twitter.com/xlVLmzcltx

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018


Russian kuziaev now it has stopped potentially dangerous pass by the opponent from the flank into the penalty area


Attack of the Russians: Cheryshev has moved to the center of the semicircle of the penalty area received the ball and shot into the far corner. Inaccurate


Midfielder Alexei Ionov, schastlivimi in the eighth minute, we scored, now playing in “Rostov”. Before that he played for Zenit, “Kuban” – “Anji”, “Dynamo”, CSKA. In the Internet there are videos dedicated to him. Here’s one:


The Russians put pressure on the opponent


Zabolotny shot on target after a corner kick! By!


Goalkeeper Lunev now successfully entered the game in the episode covered in his penalty area!


Russia – Czech Republic. 2:0


GOOOOOOOOOL! Anton Zabolotny went one on one with the goalkeeper to the left, went around the goalkeeper and from an acute angle shot into the empty goal! 2:0 in favor of the Russian team!


Zabolotny was in a shooting position inside the penalty area, but this time the defenders of him punching not allowed!


It looks like Anton Zabolotny (and rightly so)

⚽⚽ 2:0 lead! pic.twitter.com/D97NWBGv4p

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018


Josef Husbauer (it’s the Czech national team player) touch shot from outside the penalty area. Above the gate


Anton Zabolotny falls in the penalty against the Czech Republic and awarded a penalty!


Russia – Czech Republic. 3:0


GOOOOOOOL! 3:0! Aleksei Ionov penalty! Hurrah!!!


By the way, Jan Boril, shot down Zabolotny, received before the penalty yellow card


Conceding the third goal, the Czech team decided to include speed and almost succeeded. Denis Cheryshev broke in the penalty area the ball, which were laid under attack. Cheryshev just cleared the ball for freely field. Reinsured.


Twitter team of the Czech Republic sad

29′ #RUSCZE 🇷🇺 🇨🇿 3:0

😔 Penaltu na 3:0 proměnil Aleksej Jonov.

— Česká fotbalová reprezentace (@ceskarepre_cz) September 10, 2018


The corner will be served by the Czechs now


It came to inaccurate attempts on goal team Russia


We will remind, the Russian team now occupies the 49th place in the FIFA rankings, and the team of Czech Republic – 44-e


At the end of the first half Czech team players pass the time in the attack. But unsuccessful


So implement a penalty of Ions

⚽⚽⚽ 3:0 LEAD!!! pic.twitter.com/HCuT5UhKen

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018


Angular will submit the Czech Republic


Lunev did not reach the ball at the exit of the Czech player fired wide, and the goalkeeper seems to have received damage. It hurts him


Continued the game the goalkeeper, a replacement is not needed!


Break! Did not add the referee compensated minutes. I’ll meet you in the second half!


The second half began!


In the Russian team substitutions at half-time was not


But in the Czech Republic replacement happened. Apparently, the coaching staff was unbearable to watch the game defender Tomas Kalas. Instead, the second period was another defender: Jakub Brabec


Our players in the second half went this way and that (valuable information, isn’t it?)

In the second half! pic.twitter.com/AVtT0ZeMwr

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 10, 2018


Shot on goal team Russia: Andrey Lunev caught the ball


Cheryshev could go one on one on the right, slowed down, began to shift to the center, did the swings for strikes (70 times), but, alas, not struck


The counterattack of the Russian national team! Alexey Ionov escaped on the right flank, sent the ball into the penalty area, where one in front of the goalkeeper was Alexander Erokhin. He struck, but failed to strike the ball but flew high over the crossbar!


So Zabolotny responded to your goal

🔝🔝🔝 pic.twitter.com/CoAznNunmy

— FC “Zenit”🌊 (@zenit_spb) September 10, 2018


Jakub Ancho shoots Russians and hits the crossbar! Lucky for the Russian team!


Replacement in the national team of Russia! The applause leaves the pitch after midfielder Alexei Ionov. On the field he was replaced by another midfielder – Roman Zobnin


Erokhin went one on one but the ball flew far ahead of him, the Russian was ahead ran out of the penalty against the Czech goalkeeper


Tomas Soucek brought down the Roman Zobnina, for which he received a yellow card


Defender Igor Smolnikov substitute defender Mario Fernandes came in the national team of Russia


Zabolotny was fouled in the penalty area while giving the Russians the corner


Replacement in the national team of Czech Republic midfielder Jan Sykora in place of midfielder Tomas Gergawi


Cheryshev entered the penalty area and shot a low shot to the left. The goalkeeper caught the ball


It is a friendly match, substitutions will be missed. Here is another Czech: forward Michal Krencik is forward Stanislav Tecla


The Russians covered the kick Cech in our goal


Replace the Russians. Striker Dmitry Poloz is striker Anton Zabolotny


Russia – Czech Republic. 3:1


Pulled one goal back Czech players. Tomas Soucek was on the goal line in front of him …. Yuri Gazinskiy (goalkeeper Lunev flew past Cech before). The Czech swept our midfield and rolled the ball into the net. Such are the cases.


Russia – Czech Republic. 4:1


GOOOOOOOL! Alexandr Erokhin scored with a header after filing!!! 4:1!!!


Erokhin scores with a shot to the left, but does not fall into an empty corner! True, and closed with a sharp angle!


Russia – Czech Republic. 5:1


GOOOOOAL! Konstantin Rausch from the left flank into the penalty area where biting was closed by Dmitri Poloz!!!


Shortly before that goal, Dmitry stocki was replaced by Denis Cheryshev (both Midfielders) in the composition (and the fact you didn’t know!) the national team of Russia!


And now the midfielder Ruslan Kambolov out instead of Yuri Gazinskiy! The captain’s armband passed to the Roman Zobnina!


Defender Egor Sorokin came out in defence of Constantine the Raouche in the part of the Russians!


The score is simply amazing! I would throw all the positive emotions before, but I’m an honest man: had to fix replace! But the score is just wonderful! How cool, how cool! What a good mood tomorrow morning, people will go (and who will be lucky and will go) to work, smiling to everyone you meet!


The Czech team actively applies the gate of the Russians and almost failed to hit the target! It’s good that now a large lead!


Three minutes added by the referee!


Almost scored now the Russians, but failed to someone to get the ball in the penalty area. Anything can happen, do not worry so much

All the match is over! Russia defeated the Czech Republic with the score 5:1!

Congratulations on your victory!!!

This concludes our broadcast! Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

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