“The Russian team had five goals against the team of the Czech Republic

In the first half, the Russians have made major advantages in account

Friendly football match between Russia and Czech Republic in Rostov-on-Donohoe: AP/TASS

– The football team of Russia have achieved a major victory over a national team of the Czech Republic in a friendly match.

The result of the meeting (Interfax led her a text stream), held in Rostov-on-don on Monday, – 5:1 in favor of the Russians.

The score in the eighth minute scored Aleksei Ionov. Anton Zabolotny on the 24th minute doubled the advantage, and on the 29th earned a penalty, which was converted Ions.

In the second half, one ball played midfielder Tomas Soucek (74). But Aleksandr Erokhin and substitute Dmitri Poloz scored the rout (78, 83).

His next match wards Stanislaus cherchesova will hold on 11 October, against the Swedes in the second round of the League of Nations. The game will take Kaliningrad.

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