“Judges are thinking about the boycott of matches involving Serena Williams

Tennis referees to boycott matches involving the former first racket of the world American Serena Williams, writes newspaper the Times.

The reason for this was the behavior of tennis players during and at the end of the final match of the US Open in 2018 in the womens singles Japanese women vs Naomi Osaka on Saturday.

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During the final, Williams has received three warnings: hints trainer, a broken racket and called the referee a “thief”. At the post-match press conference, she continued to make claims to the judges. Williams said that men allow impunity to call judges “thieves”, but women is not lowered. Tennis player revealed that he will continue to fight for equal rights with men in tennis.

For these statements, the athlete was fined $17 thousand.

The addressee of the criticism of Serena Williams turned judge Carlos Ramos. The Times, citing anonymous official, writes that the judges are planning to refuse to work on any matches involving Serena Williams, while she doesn’t apologize for his words about Ramos.

Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka has supported Williams. She tweeted that this would have happened, whether it’s a match between men.

Legendary American tennis player Billie Jean king, fighting for women’s rights, condemned the sentence for signals from the coach and called for permission for coaches to give instructions to his players from any point of the arena. She also noted that judges allow men hard to speak while playing.

The women’s final of the US Open was held on Saturday. 20-year-old Japanese woman Naomi Osaka defeated Serena Williams with the score 6:2, 6:4.

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