“”Sobibor” Knightley, nominated for “Oscar” from Russia

The awards ceremony is expected on February 24

Keira Knightley at the premiere of his film “Sobibor” at the cinema “Art”the Photo: Vladimir Bertov, inter/TASS

– For the award “Oscar” from Russia nominated war drama “Sobibor” Konstantin Khabensky, in which the Director played a major role.

A “picture “of the Sobibor” nominated for “Oscar” from Russia. No more comments, enough of this fact”, – said on Monday “Interfax” the Chairman of the Russian Oscar Committee, film Director Vladimir Menshov.

The decision was made by the Russian Oscar Committee after speczadanie in the Moscow House of cinema.

The Director of “Sobibor” was made by Konstantin Khabensky, he played a major role in the film. Also starring in the film was played by Christopher Lambert (“Highlander”, “Mortal Kombat”), Mikhalina Olshansky (“Matilda”), Philip Reinhardt (“Stalingrad”, “the Groom”), Maria Kozhevnikova (“Battalion”) and others.

The ceremony of awarding the “Oscar” in 2019 will be held on February 24, the nominees for the award will be known on January 22. Then will be known, will include the American Academy “Sobibor” in the number of applicants for the award for best foreign language film.

Sobibor death camp, organized by the Nazis in Poland and in force since 15 may 1942-15 October 1943. During this time in the concentration camp killed 250 thousand Jews. 14 October 1943 in Sobibor has been the only successful major uprisings in Nazi death camps, led by the Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky.

The film is based on real events. According to the story, the character Khabensky, Alexander Pechersky, who was captured and trapped in a concentration camp, three weeks was able to plan and carry out an international uprising of prisoners from different European countries.

The film “Sobibor,” directed by companies and Cinema Production “Fetisov Illusion” with the support of the Foundation Alexander Pechersky. In Russian, the film was released on 3 may.

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