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The interior Ministry is investigating the case against the co-owner of “Interprombank” Vitaly Zhogin — last co-founder of the yacht club family of the first Deputy head of the government staff Sergei Prikhodko. The banker wanted on charges of fraud

Investigation and fraud

Investigators of the Moscow police opened a criminal case about swindle in especially large size against the co-owner of “Interprombank” Vitaly Zhogin, RBC reported a source in law enforcement bodies and was confirmed by a source close to the Bank.

According to police, the banker fled abroad as soon as learned about the prospects of criminal prosecution. Gogin declared the Federal wanted list. The investigators also intend to seek him in absentia arrest and an international manhunt.

A source close to the Bank, in turn, said that in 2015 during the interrogation, the businessman told the investigator about the presence of his serious illness. “For over three years Zhogin has not been seen, but he continues to actively and remotely condemned, despite its possibly a very bad state of health”, — told RBC source close to the “Interprombank”.

According to the Bank, Gogin continues to control 6.7% of the shares of “Interprombank”. However, the main beneficiaries of the Bank — the representatives of New Stream (“New Stream”), in particular its co-owner and founding shareholder of Antipinsky oil refinery Dmitry Mazurov (he owns 21,19% of the Bank), which in 2016 Zhogin has replaced on a post of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank. In addition, a significant proportion (for 19.32%) the Bank retain the developer Yakubov Israil, and the family of Senator Valery Ponomarev (5,89%), who took second place in the ranking of Forbes richest civil servants, according to earnings for 2017.

Agin also known as the former co-founder of the yacht club Fairway. According to SPARK, his partner at the yacht club were the current spouse of the first Deputy head of the government staff Sergei Prikhodko, Natalie. He Prikhodko in an interview with “Vedomosti” in 2013, said “the Fairway” — “a non-profit enterprise for sports and recreation of my family and friends.” Gogin was co-owner of the club until 2014.

According to the source RBC, close to the “Interprombank”, the current management of the credit institution considers that Agin “attempted hostile takeover”. “He gave loans to the management company “Interprombank” — “Interprom Capital”, and then in a judicial order demanding their immediate return. Still imposed by the court at the suit Zhogin arrest in the amount of 250 million rubles”, — insists the source.

Bank “Interpromotional” was founded by a graduate of the Institute of Asia and Africa of Moscow state University and former employee of Vnesheconombank by Vitaly Aginam in 1995. According Banki.Ru among the Bank’s clients was the structure of the Corporation “tactical missiles”, JSC “Tulatochmash”, JSC “Arsenyev aviation company “Progress” to them. N. I. Sazykina”, JSC “Kamov”, JSC “Sukhoi Civil aircraft”, JSC “TC “Moscow”, JSC “Scientific and Production complex “ELARA” n. a. G. A. Ilyenko”.

Position protection

One of the defenders Zhogin said RBC that the criminal case against his client is “trying Mazurova to avoid the return of the debt” in the amount of almost €2 million Money, according to the lawyer, was granted to the father Mazurova firm “Interprom capital” (100% owner, according to SPARK, was Peter Mazur — RBC), and Mazur, Jr. acted as the loan guarantor. Three months after the grant of the loan Mazurov jointly with the other shareholders Zhogin was removed from his post as head of the Board of Directors of the Bank. In the end Mazurova its obligations under the refund is not performed, and Agin addressed in court with the civil suit, which was won in spring 2018, said the lawyer of the accused.

According to the defense, in March 2018 Mazur “initiated the criminal case against Zhogin, realizing the negative Outlook of the case at the suit in the civil court.” The basis for the prosecution began the expert opinion of one of the appraisal companies and the testimony of “several controlled Mazurov, the Bank’s employees,” said the lawyer.

A source close to the “Interprombank”, called reasoning about custom-made nature of the case “speculation.” “Shareholders are unable to influence the investigating authorities and force them to act in their own interests”, — said the interlocutor of RBC. The official representative Mazurova declined to comment

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