“The Ministry of culture proposed to limit the screening of foreign movies for a change

– The bill of the Ministry of culture on the limitation of the frequency of screening of films in cinema aimed at “diversity releases” in the repertoire, said the Agency.

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“It (the document – if) introduces common rules to ensure that one film had the vast majority of sessions, as this may have a negative impact on the diversity of the repertoire in any given day” – quoted the press service of the Ministry of adviser to the culture Minister Pavel Stepanov.

He noted that, on average, every week in rolling out the three to six new paintings; the film is not one week. “Thus, every week in wide release is presented from 7 to 20 tapes. Therefore, this provision does not create a problem but is a security and focus primarily on the variety of releases in principle. Its main objective is to diversify the rental,” he said.

According to Stepanov, it is about the legislative initiative, “the document still have not made – nor to the government of the Russian Federation or in the state Duma”. In the near future, said Stepanov, it will appear on the website http://regulation.gov.ru/ for public comment.

Earlier Monday it was reported that the Ministry of culture offers from January 2019 to limit the number of daily impressions for each foreign film at the cinema to 35%.

It is proposed to amend article on state regulation of screenings of films in cinemas. “The number of sessions of each film exhibited during the day in the cinema, with cinema, cannot exceed 35% of the total number of sessions of all films which display is performed in this theater during the day”, – the document says.

If we are talking about cinema with one cinema, then in the limit of 35% of the total number of sessions of all films should be taken at the rate of one a month.

“Violation of a demonstrator of the film requirements established by this article shall entail liability in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The requirements of parts one and two of this article shall not apply to national films”, – the document says.

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