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The United States may impose sanctions against the judges of the International criminal court for war crimes, American and Israeli military, threatened the US presidential Advisor John Bolton

Photo: Reuters

Washington may resort to strict measures against the International criminal court (ICC) investigating alleged war crimes the us military in Afghanistan. As reported by Reuters, said the US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton.

“The United States will take all necessary measures to protect our citizens and allies from unfair prosecution of this illegitimate court,” Bolton said in a speech to the conservative political group “the Federalist Society”.

Bolton said that the speech, in particular, can go about introduction of sanctions against judges of the ICC. “We put sanctions on their assets in the United States, we will prosecute them under the criminal laws of the United States. The same thing will have to wait for any organisation or country that will assist the ICC’s investigations against the United States” — quoted Bolton’s WSJ. Discontent with Washington has also sparked ongoing investigations by the ICC against Israel for alleged crimes against Palestinians. “If the court will haunt us, Israel or our other allies, we will not sit idly by,” said Bolton.

“We will give the ICC the opportunity to die a natural death. If anything, the ICC has virtually dead for us,” he added.

The international criminal court was established on the basis of the Rome Statute, adopted in Rome in 1998 and entered into force in 2002. The United States signed the Rome Statute but not ratified it. The ICC is an independent international organization and not affiliated with UN structures. In the court’s jurisdiction are crimes committed by citizens of countries that have ratified the Rome Statute, or committed in the territory of such countries. The ICC deals with crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes.

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