“UEFA will create the third club tournament by 2021

What principles will be selected by the participants and what might be called competition, is still unknown

Photo: TASS, Valery sharifulin

– The Union of European football associations (UEFA) has confirmed the intention to create a third tournament for clubs of the Old world along with the Champions League and the Europa League.

As informs “bi-Bi-si” referring to the Vice-Chairman of the Committee Union club competitions Andrea Agnelli, the first draw of the new trophy is to be held in the season of 2021/22.

He did not specify any exact date of the competition or the principles of its organization. Agnelli, who is also Director of the Turin “Juventus”, only said that the current model of European football tournaments in need of modernization.

According to him, after the emergence of new competition, the European clubs participating in Euro cups, dostigat 96.

“We need to examine the existing calendar of international matches, before presenting a new option for the period after 2024,” he said at the annual meeting of the Association of European clubs in Croatia.

As The Independent notes, the main purpose of creating the new tournament is the desire of UEFA to increase their profits.

In 2015/16 UEFA earned a record 4.6 billion euros due to the conduct of club tournaments and the European championship in France.

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