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Rumors about the causes of holes in the “Union” to spread, to sow discord in the team of the ISS, Rogozin thinks. Previously, “Kommersant” wrote that the hole drilled American astronauts

Dmitry Rogozin

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Rumors about the causes of holes in the Russian space ship “Soyuz MS-09” is able to sow discord in the team of the International space station (ISS). About this in his Facebook wrote the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin.

“The spread of speculation and rumors around the incident on the ISS does not help the work of the experts of “Roscosmos” and aimed at undermining the friendly relations in the team space station. Prior to the completion of the work of the special Commission of Roskosmos any claims with reference to “sources” unacceptable”, he said.

“Kommersant” called priority version of damage, “Union” Americans


Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources reported that the hole in the hull of a spacecraft resulted from the deliberate actions of the American astronauts who wanted to be taken on the Land of one of their sick colleagues. According to the publication, the return of the crew would allow him to get proper medical care.

At the same time, who oversees the space industry, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that in the industry — a systemic crisis, and instructed Roskosmos to engage in its eradication, including technical re-equipment and transition to digital methods of design.

“The current state of the industry, those positions which we proud, are not in the best situation. It is a fact. This crash of the rockets, and crash the satellites, which, of course, affect the prestige of our space industry. There are several reasons. This can truly be called a systemic crisis”, — he told to journalists, transfers “Interfax”.

According to “Kommersant”, the hole in the hull of a spacecraft already in space, when Soyuz docked to the ISS. Experts investigating the incident, came to the conclusion that the hole was not formed with the first attempt because she had several points, which, according to the interlocutor of the edition, was the result of a second touch of the drill. This demonstrates that the drill was not put under pressure, which is typical for the work in conditions of weightlessness, the sources added.

Experts have questioned the version of the evil “Union” Americans


The source of Kommersant, close to the work on the ISS, said that the station “Soyuz” is the module “Dawn”, that is, the gateway with the American part of the station. He did not exclude that the Americans could illegally get on a Russian ship. Other versions of the incident, which has also been considered (the penetration of the micrometeoroid and manufacturing defect), now considered a priority and even probable.

ISS commander rejected the involvement of NASA astronauts to the hole in the “Union”

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American astronaut and scientist, commander of the ISS Andrew Feustel, commenting on the incident, said that the Americans are not involved in the damage of the “Union”. Interviewed by RBC researchers and astronauts also doubt that a hole in the “Union” could be drilled by the astronauts.

That hole on the Russian spacecraft was the result of deliberate actions reported sources TASS, “RIA Novosti”. The incident occurred on August 30. On the same day the hole is filled with a special sealant.

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