The European Parliament decided to punish the member of the EU for the “destruction of democracy” Policy:::: RBC

The European Parliament has initiated proceedings against Hungary in connection with the “destruction by the authorities of democratic institutions” and laws “Stop Soros”. With the consent of the other members of the Budapest EU can suspend the voting rights

MEP Judith Sargentini (center)

(Photo: Vincent Kessler / Reuters)

The European Parliament first voted to take action against one EU country — Hungary — for “destruction of democratic institutions,” according to CNN. Thus MEPs, according to the TV station, initiated a process that ultimately may lead to a temporary deprivation of Budapest’s voting rights in the Association.

The process for the first part of article 7 of the Treaty on European Union, which stipulates that the Council of the EU on the basis of “reasonable proposals” from the European Parliament or the European Commission “can confirm the existence of a clear threat of a serious breach by any member state [of the unit] values” of enterprises and to give this country, recommendations on correction of detected violations. Deep concern, in this case, some EU member States, as pointed out by CNN, calls the policies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The disciplinary process in respect of a member country of the EU the European Parliament has launched for the first time. Before such a decision taken by another body of the Union — European Commission against Poland. The disciplinary process aims to prevent violations by member States of the EU “core values” of the unit, says CNN.

The vote in respect of Hungary, according to TV channel, was held in Strasbourg after a speech at the meeting, Dutch politician and member of European Parliament Judith Sargentini (is a member of the Dutch party “Green left”, which in turn is part of the European green party). From the podium, the politician has expressed concern at the “destruction in recent years of Hungarian democracy”. This, according to Sargentini, in particular, involves “the application [by the authorities] harsh measures against migrants, as well as higher educational institutions and mass media”. After the vote, Sargentini, as noted by CNN, thanked his colleagues for the fact that they stood “for the protection of democracy and the rule of law.”

The media reported on the possible sanctions of the European Commission against Hungary


After the party Orban, Fidesz (Hungarian civic Alliance) came to power in 2010 and subsequently a landslide victory in the parliamentary elections in April this year, it has increasingly faced criticism from Brussels for its “strict policy”.

Criticism of the EU concerned including the law “Stop Soros”, which was adopted by the Hungarian Parliament in late June. The law provides for the criminalization of assistance to irregular migrants on the part of NGOs. The package of amendments received in Hungary, the title “Stop Soros” on behalf of the Hungarian-American billionaire-philanthropist George Soros (Forbes estimates his fortune at $8.3 billion). His “open society Foundation” assisted migrants.

Orban, speaking yesterday at a debate in Strasbourg, called the report of the European Commission on policy of Hungary “blackmail”. “To say that criticism of your government is a criticism of a nation or people is the cowardly way out, Mr Orban,” responded the Vice-President of the EC Frans Timmermans. “Don’t try to divert attention. If you have passed these laws, you stand up for them and we will discuss them”, — he wrote on his Twitter page.

First, as recalled by CNN, no member state of the EU are not subjected to the maximum penalties, which are allowed by article 7 of the Treaty on European Union, the suspension of its voting rights in the block. To implement this measure, as explained by the channel, will require the approval of all member States of the EU, except the accused States. However, this, according to CNN, it is unlikely, because Poland is unlikely to support the introduction of restrictions against Hungary.

Previously, on 19 July, that the Commission may proceed with the sanctions procedures against Budapest if the Hungarian authorities do not change their positions under the law “Stop Soros”, citing its own sources in Brussels reported by local newspaper Daily News Egypt.

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