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Revision of prices of public transport and cost optimization is a non-partisan Sardana avksenteva, unexpectedly won elections of the head of Yakutsk candidate from “United Russia”, told RBC about their plans

Sardana Avksenteva

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According to the results of elections on 9 September, the mayor of Yakutsk became a member of the party Sardana avksenteva, past Vice-mayor of the city, at the time of nomination worked in senior positions at the city airport. Getting public support removed from elections of the mayor of regional policy Vladimir Fedorov, she bypassed the candidate from “United Russia”, Chairman of the city Duma Alexander Savvinov, which is supported by the Governor’s team aysena Nikolaev. That win Avksentieva surprise, said the CEC head, Ella Pamfilova. RBC talked with the new mayor, and she told me that referred himself to the opposition as it intends to work with the Governor and he is going to change in the management of the Yakut in the first place.

For many, your victory was a surprise. You yourself were surprised?

No, I’m not surprised. Somewhere weeks two and a half, we had confidence. People at the meetings were friendly, and we realized that we made the right choice and we were heard.

— What helped you to win?

— I think several factors. First, we voiced the thoughts that hung in the air — a request for openness and transparency municipal authorities and local self-government. Secondly, Vladimir Fedorov (publicly supported the candidacy of Avksentieva and will be appointed as its first Deputy), who for 15 years was a Deputy of the regional Parliament of Yakutia from his district had a very strong electorate. He had previously participated in elections of the head of Yakutsk, and of course his electoral base gave me support. I started with zero awareness, but because all life has lived in this town, and he’s a little, thanks to his friends and classmates awareness came.

— If you look at the social network, residents of Yakutsk mostly complain of not enough developed infrastructure — queues in kindergartens, poor roads, lack of Parking etc. There is a problem of the deceived shareholders. The city’s budget deficit. What will be your first decision in his new post?

— In Yakutia is cold, so the first and foremost task now is a planned occurrence during the heating season. In addition, we need to revise the fares in the buses. People are very much angered by the rising cost of travel in public transport from July. We need to see how calculated and how they were correct, in my opinion, they could be reduced to at least the previous value. Many complaints arrive to the control of the company, that no one shall be governed by and bring a lot of inconvenience to the citizens.

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— What will you do in terms of the budget deficit?

— We urgently need to inspect municipal finances, to know what our budget obligations. At the same time we are involved in work on the budget 2019. This must be done in a very short time, because they have to review all municipal programs and their funding. There is an urgent and ongoing task. In the optimization of costs, we need to get rid of unnecessary possessions. To begin with — to sell expensive SUVs. They are in the municipal unitary enterprises, is in joint-stock companies. I was instructed to make a list.

— You can call your victory in the election victory of the opposition?

— No, it is not. We never opposed. It is already in the process of the election headquarters of another party [United Russia] and they decided that we the opposition. We were just talking about the real state of Affairs, has always been out of politics will continue to try to do it. We need to engage in urban agriculture. For all parties I feel the same way. Party affiliation, and religion, and culinary preferences is a personal matter. On the condition of our roads, the landscaping of our yards and other urban issues that will not be reflected, only if positive.

— The party of revival of Russia, which you ran, not the most famous in our country. Why did you decide to stand from her?

— I the non-party man, and never in any of the party was not involved. But the Party of revival of Russia in the platform of his is the idea of building a welfare state that, in principle, close to me. So my team made a decision about cooperation with this party.

— You supported popular in Yakutia, the politician, the Deputy of legislative Assembly Vladimir Fedorov, who was a candidate from the party “Rodina” for mayor, but that “homeland” was removed from the election. Why did this happen?

In the press this was discussed, and Fedorov confirms that has been applied a certain administrative resource. Since I was not a direct witness of these events, it’s difficult to evaluate them. But he was very strong candidate, and many supported him.

— The mayor and the head of the region due to objective reasons are always in controversy, primarily about financial and economic problems. Do you fear conflict with the regional authorities?

— Absolutely not. [Ex-mayor of Yakutsk, now — the head of Yakutia Aisen Sergeevich [Nikolaev] has done a lot for the city, and at our first meeting we agreed that we will make every effort to improve the quality of life in Yakutsk. Despite the fact that I [ran] from the other party, I do not participate in any political and party life. We have no disagreements and I hope not. Design, when one of the participants of the negotiations, the woman is always the softer structure than the one where the two leaders were men. I do not intend to take actions that may harm the citizens.

— You worked in the mayor’s office of Yakutsk and left the administration of Yakutsk with the advent of team of Nikolaev in 2012. Why?

— Yes, I left due to the fact that married, and in connection with the happy circumstances of his life, decided to retire. Went into production. It was my personal decision in no way connected with the arrival of a team of aysén Sergeyevich.

— The last six years you have worked in the management of the airport Yakutsk. Why you decided to return to politics?

I worked as the head of one of divisions of the airport. Looking at the candidate in mayors of Yakutsk, I realized that I, too, have something to offer the city. After reflection and consultation, particularly with family, I decided that it is a good platform for the discussion and development of some solutions.

— Have you decided who you’re taking to his team?

— Assignments I have not done, I will officially take office only on Monday evening. But those fundamental agreements that we have and the promises that I have given to voters, will be implemented. In particular, will appoint the first Deputy Fedorov. To change [the team] will be pretty hard. The team of the mayor on contracts that are strictly tied to the term of office of the head, which they set to work. Therefore, legally, their authority ends.

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