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In his first interview two Russians, whom Britain has accused of the assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, said that he came to Salisbury to see the famous Cathedral

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Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov said in an interview with the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan, that the photographs, which were distributed by the British police, indeed they are depicted. They said that he came to Salisbury as a tourist.

“We depicted in those photographs,” said Petrov. Then they in turn called their names — Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov. “Yes, these are our real names,” said Bashirov.

Alexander Petrov (right) and Ruslan Bashirov

(Photo: Metroplitan Police handout / Reuters)

“Salisbury is a beautiful city”

The observation that they seem pretty tense, Bashirov answered with a question: “And how would you look?”. “When our life here and so once and turned on its head. Well, just one day. And broke”, — he added.

Answering the question of why the purpose of his visit, the men chose Salisbury, Petrov said to visit this wonderful city it is advised friends.

“Tourist town, — said Bocharov. — There is the famous Cathedral. It is famous not only in Europe. It is famous for its spire, it is famous for its clock, the first clock, which was invented in the world that still work.”

According to Petrov, they had planned from the beginning to come to London and “off roughly”. “It was not a business trip. We planned so that we in London will visit, and take a trip to Salisbury,” explained Petrov.

Plans Bashirova and Petrova was upset by bad weather. “In England, the second and third digits was just traffic jams,” — said Petrov. Snowfall, he said, were so powerful that they will not able to reach. “For all televisions showed 2 and 3 numbers [hereinafter we are talking about March. — RBC] that the Railways did not work. It was all blocked traffic. All trains, nothing, nothing at all went,” complained Bashirov.

“We planned to Salisbury one day to go,” said Petrov. “There’s more than one day is nothing to watch,” said Bashirov. “We arrived in Salisbury on the third. Tried to walk around the city. Since the whole city was covered with snow, we had exactly half an hour,” said Petrov.

“On this day, the third number in this city was the snow collapse. It was impossible to go anywhere,” said Bashirov.

Bashirov and Petrov wanted to visit Stonehenge, old Sarum (located to the North of Saltery). The third of March they spent about forty minutes at the station and drank coffee.

“And the fourth day we returned to Salisbury, because purposefully wanted to visit old Sarum and the Cathedral,” said Petrov. “We looked,” said Bashirov. “But again there in the afternoon began with a downpour, we went ahead of time” — supported his Petrov.

“We were sitting in the Park. We sat drinking coffee. We went into a café and drank coffee. We walked and enjoyed this English Gothic, that’s the beauty of it,” — said Bocharov out in the city time.

Men said that they do not know where the house is located Sergei Skripal, near which, according to the British side, they were held. “Well, maybe to him and we moved in, but we don’t know where he is,” said Petrov.

“I’ve never heard of here before this situation. For the time being not started this nightmare with us, I have not heard that name, I knew nothing about them,” added Bashirov.

“We came here to you for protection”

To the question about the perfume bottle Nina Rici, which, according to the London transported a “Newbie”, Bashirov and Petrov said that “stupid” would be to take a women’s perfume. “A normal guy to carry a women’s perfume, it’s not stupid? Even pass, when the customs check on all things. Any police officer during the interrogation, they would have questions. Why do good men lie women’s perfume?”, said Bashirov.

They refused to talk about what unites them, and why they traveled together. “Let’s not climb in private life, in personal life. We came here to you for protection. And we get some kind of interrogation, and we have obtained, we begin to deepen,” said Bashirov.

Due to this situation, according to Bocharova, they stopped going out on the street. “We can’t, we are afraid, we are afraid, we fear for loved ones,” he said.

“Trace elements, proteins, weight gainers”

The men were told that do not work in the GRU, are businessmen of an average hand. “If we are going to talk about our business will suffer and the people with whom we work,” said Bashirov. “In short, the fitness industry: vitamins, minerals, proteins, weight gainers,” — said Petrov.

Before the events in Salisbury of Bashirov and Petrov flew repeatedly to Europe. It was like a business trip and tourist. “In Europe, sold drugs, vitamins. Study the market, looking for new items, they are special: from nutritional Supplements, amino acids, trace elements,” explained Petrov. On returning to Russia, they decide how to deliver innovations to the Russian market.

The representative of Embassy of great Britain indicated that the questions appeared on video to ask Scotland Yard. RBC sent a request.

Version Of London

British police on 5 September called Bocharova Ruslana and Alexander Petrov suspects in the poisoning of GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. They are about 40 years old, the names can be fake, although they moved to England for a real Russian passport, said police.

In absentia, he was charged under: conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, use and possession of toxic substances “Beginner”, which violates the chemical weapons act, and intentional serious bodily injury.

The Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may has called both suspects officers of the foreign intelligence service of the Russian defense Ministry, the GRU (the Main Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces). And the murder of the Skripal “almost certainly was approved at a higher level than the GRU,” said may.

According to the British side, Bashirov and Petrov stayed in England from 2 to 4 March. They stayed two nights in the hotel City Stay Hotel on bow road in London and twice here in Salisbury on Saturday, March 3, they spent time with 14:25 to 16:10 and the day of the poisoning — Sunday, March 4 from 11:48 to 13:50. And in Salisbury they were first seen in Wilton road (close to home Sergei Skripal) and then on the street near a shopping center where Skrypali was found unconscious.

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