“Former Deputy Medinsky heads the heritage Institute them. Likhachev

– Former first Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov appointed Director of the Russian Institute of cultural and natural heritage Likhachev.

“By order of the Ministry of culture on 12 September Director of the Institute appointed Vladimir Vladimirovich Aristarkhov. Of course, this new stage in the development of institutions, and I would like, considering specifics of work of Vladimir Putin, under whom we worked in the Ministry six years that the Institute has received additional impetus to explore the state of Russian society in the light of the implementation of the state cultural policy. We lack good research, which would help the Ministry of culture to make important decisions, to set goals not only to industry but to the entire state,” cited the press service of the Ministry of culture, the words of the head of the Department of science and education, culture Oleksandra Arakelova.

Aristarkhov was the Deputy of Moscow regional Duma, he worked in the Committee on education, culture, sport, youth and tourism. In 2012 he entered the public service as Advisor to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. A year later he was appointed first Deputy head of the Ministry of culture.

In 2016 Aristarkhov confirmed that in respect of his law enforcement checks are carried out, which he considers an attempt to put pressure on the Ministry by some deputies of the state Duma. As reported to “Kommersant”, in fact exceeding by Aristarkhova of powers of office and defamation conducted investigation verification. The occasion was a property conflict around the area of Academy of choral art. V. S. Popov.

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