“The attackers poured paint pictures in the gallery on “Winery”

– In one of the galleries on “Winery” ripped from the walls and poured liquid works from the exhibition of Vasily Slonova “heavenly Jerusalem”.

Director of the gallery “11.12” Alexander Sharov said that he had contacted the police in connection with the actions of the unknown.

“Yesterday we opened the exhibition “the heavenly Jerusalem” Basil Slonova. Today, under the guise of the audience came four men and one woman, pulled out an opaque bottle with poisonous liquid and poured us artwork with red paint. One piece and a few art objects in the form of Teddy bears in a padded jacket with a placard they stole took from the gallery. We are now at the police station and write a statement on the fact of vandalism, damage and theft of works from the gallery,” said Balls, “Interfax”.

The Director reported that, according to him, the incident, possibly involving members of the radical political group “SERB”. “This is the work of the group “SERB” – said Balls.

In a press-service “Winery”, “Interfax” was told that “full information is not know and can not comment”.

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