“The General Director of CSKA has evaluated the prospect of hosting matches of the UEFA Champions League at Luzhniki

– General Director of the Moscow football club CSKA Roman Babayev sure that UEFA allowed the club to play home matches in the group stage of the Champions League on the field of capital stadium “Luzhniki”.

“We are in the process. I think that everything should be fine. Just as long as no official letter from UEFA. I think I’ll get it by tonight. Commission (UEFA) has passed. She has some requests. It’s not even the comments and recommendations. No reason to believe that we will forbid to play at “Luzhniki”, not” – quoted Babayev “Sport-Express”.

On the main stage of the Champions League, where CSKA got directly, taking second place in the championship of Russia-2017/18, CSKA will play with Spanish “real”, the Italian “Roma” and Czech “Victoria”.

Holding home matches of the Champions League at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow will allow the club to collect higher compared to “WEB Arena” (home stadium), the audience. The capacity of the “WEB Arena” is 30 457 viewers, Luzhniki stadium, 81 000 spectators.

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