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It is expected that the deal will be known this Friday in the trial on the case of Paul Manafort

By Paul Manafort

(Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters )

The former head of the campaign headquarters of U.S. President Donald trump by Paul Manafort has agreed a deal with spectaculorum Robert Mueller, who is investigating alleged Russian interference in elections (“rashahat) and possible relations team trump with Moscow. Reported by ABC News, citing sources familiar with the negotiations.

According to the channel, the deal could be announced this Friday in court. However, it is unclear whether the agreed Manafort to work with a team of Mueller or the transaction involves merely a recognition of guilt.

The Montfort and his lawyers, according to ABC News, more than four hours on Thursday spoke with the prosecutors of the team Muller. A black SUV with a team of lawyers Manafort was seen driving up Thursday morning to the back door of the building, where is the team of Muller, said the TV channel.

The representative of Manafort and a representative of the office of spectracolor declined to comment, adds the channel.

A Reuters source familiar with the situation, reported that the deal is “close” but not yet concluded.

The former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Floor of Montfort is accused of unregistered lobbying activities in the interests of Ukraine, tax evasion and money laundering. The investigation against Manafort leads the team Muller.

Despite the fact that Mueller will find out whether there was collusion between Tarna and Russia during the presidential elections in the United States, direct accusations to this effect in respect of Manafort no. Almost all charges against the former head of the campaign headquarters (18) relate to his cooperation with the Yanukovych team. Real evidence of collusion with Moscow, neither during the investigation nor in court has not sounded.

At the trial on 22 August, the jury unanimously found Manafort guilty to eight counts of eighteen.

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