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The heads of two Kremlin administrations will go to three of the four regions that will host the second rounds of elections to control their training. There will go to United Russia in Moscow

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Kremlin visit

The Kremlin heads of the two departments — the Department of internal policy (Ohr) and the office for the activities of the state Council — Andrew Yarin and Alexander Kharichev begin trips to regions where coming second rounds of the gubernatorial election, told RBC four of the interlocutor close to presidential administration. Officials will monitor the preparations for the second round and the course of the campaign, sources say.

Both control supervised by the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko, who is in the Kremlin for the political unit.

Wednesday, September 12, Yarin already visited Vladimir oblast, where the Governor Svetlana Orlova has advanced to the second round with the Deputy of legislative Assembly from LDPR Vladimir Sipagin, said two of the interlocutor of RBC.

The return of the second round: as the elections were held in Russia


Kharichev go in Primorye and Khabarovsk Krai, said the sources. The acting Governor of Primorye Andrey Tarasenko will compete in the second round with a Communist Andrey Ishchenko, head of the Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport with the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Sergey Furgala.

In Khakassia, where will the second round for the head of Republic Victor Zimin with the Communist Valentin Konovalov, none of the heads of departments will not go, such plans at the moment, said two close to the Kremlin source said RBC.

Monitoring campaign in the Republic was originally engaged in the referent control to ensure that the activities of the state Council Alexei Semenov, said another close to the presidential administration source.

Assistance from the Executive Committee

In addition to Kremlin officials in the regions, where will be held the second round of elections, headed a group of United Russia, representatives of Central Executive Committee of the party and the state Duma, told RBC two people in the “United Russia”. United Russia, too, will go only in three regions — Vladimir region, Primorye and Khabarovsk Krai. In Khakassia is one to send not planned, say two of the party of the interlocutor of RBC.

A source close to the presidential administration, says that by the end of the second round in the Republic of “the miracle no one is waiting”: Zimin chances to win are minimal. The region is under the external financial control, the Governor does not necessarily influence the decision-making on key financial and economic issues, said one source close to the Kremlin.

In the Vladimir region to engage in the campaign by United Russia will be Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Victor Seliverstov, first Deputy head of the CEC of the party Maxim Zhavoronkov, said one of the party sources RBC. Wednesday, September 12, they have already visited Vladimir and will be there almost constantly until the day of the vote.

Seliverstov told RBC that “we are here as the party nominated Svetlana Orlova.” “Our goal is to strengthen the party component,” he said. Lark was unavailable for comment, his office reported to RBC that he currently “works in the Central Federal district”.

Campaigning and meetings

The task of the United Russia party after voting in the second round of time — more than actively campaign for the candidate to meet with voters, said a source in the party. All this will be coordinated with the Federal government and local administrations, adds a source close to the Kremlin. According to a source in the “United Russia” in regions it is planned to send those MPs and opinion leaders whose support of the Governor may affect the position of voters.

The acting Governor of Primorye Andrey Tarasenko, the main support has already been given. With him in his trip to the Eastern economic forum met the President, said political analyst Alexander Pozhalov. In Primorye, the least of the problems before the second round, he adds.

Overall, the trip to the regions of the high-ranking Kremlin officials, as well as the status of United Russia, “it’s a signal, not primarily the voters and elites of the region, so they mobilized and worked for the victory of the candidate from the authorities,” the expert believes. But in itself the participation of United Russia in the campaign of governors, in his opinion, “strong impact will” because, for example, in the Vladimir region party “performed poorly”.

The head of the region Svetlana Orlova, which supported the party, got 36,42%, coming in the second round with the representative of LDPR Vladimir Sipagin (of 31.36%).

Signal that give reason first of all the Kremlin officials, “important for Orlova, who has problems with the elites”, and for Shport, “whose most high-profile opponent”. Furgal — the Deputy of the state Duma in 2016, “United Russia” was released for his single-member districts, without exposing their own candidate, reminiscent of Fire.

“There was a question whether the Federal centre to accept the victory Furgala”, — the expert continues. The fact that the region sent a representative delegation, shows that on January Shport, he commented.

In Khakassia, on the one hand, there is the most difficult situation with another opponent Zimin is the most unprepared from a management point of view, a rival, says Fire. But in a situation when the region is under the external financial control, the candidate may, to the Federal center is not so important, he said.

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