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The second part of the sanctions imposed for poisoning Skrobala in the UK, will affect the Russian banking sector, said the representative of the state Department at the hearings in Congress. The congressmen also asked about sanctions against “Dry”

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New restrictions against Russia will apply to defence procurement, will affect the banking sector, said the representative of the USA state Department Manish Singh, speaking in the house of representatives.

She also said that the second package of sanctions for poisoning ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia will be “severe” (severe). She added that Russia has not allowed US to conduct an inspection of facilities for destruction of chemical weapons.

“We are ready to implement a second round of sanctions. We want to ensure that we could do the inspection that they (the Russian authorities. — RBC), we were assured that they would not use nerve agents against its own citizens. If we do not see… the Second round of sanctions mandatory. They will be introduced,” said Singh.

Washington has not requested access to chemical facilities in Russia, said a source in the Russian foreign Ministry, reports “Interfax”: the interlocutor of the Agency, “formal requests” in Moscow has not received.

Later in the hearing, which was devoted to the sanctions policy of the United States as a whole, one of the members of the house of representatives asked why the US has so far imposed sanctions only against certain Russian defense companies, not against, for example, “Dry”, which “enables [Russia] to do what she’s doing in Ukraine and Syria.”

This question was answered by an employee of the U.S. Treasury Marshall Billingsley. “We are looking at “Dry”. We are concerned that the aircraft could be used for chemical attacks against innocent people in Syria. If you find that it is, this is unacceptable,” he said.

“We are closely monitoring the sanctions the agenda, and continuously assessing risks. However, we believe it premature to comment on any intentions regarding the imposition of sanctions concerning the KLA or subsidiaries of the Corporation,” said RBC representative of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC).

“Getting “Dry” in the sanctions list will make it 100-percentage “a daughter” — “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” — also the sanctioned person. This will affect cooperation with U.S. persons (a complete ban on transactions) and likely also on the interaction with non-us persons”, — told RBC partner at Herbert Smith Freehills Alexei Panich.

“I believe that the probability of inclusion of “Dry” in the sanctions list is extremely low. But if it happens, “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” also fall under the sanctions restrictions. But it is possible that OFAC will make an exception for the civilian “daughter” of “Dry,” — said Alexander Zakharov, partner at Paragon Advice Group.

Convicted in Russia for treason and later pardoned by former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia was found unconscious in the UK on 4 March. London concluded that they had used the nerve agent “Beginner” and involved Moscow. Russian authorities deny the charges. With the position of the London solidarity, U.S. and other Western countries.

The United States announced new sanctions for the use of chemical weapons in August. Restrictions are imposed in two phases. First entered into force on 27 August imposed a ban on exports to Russia of goods and technologies related to national security. Three months after that, the U.S. government can introduce a second package of sanctions. This will happen if Russia will not provide guarantees that will not use chemical weapons. Only the US government granted the right to enter the six possible measures, of which they must choose at least three. Among them blocking international financial assistance and the prohibition of American banks to give the Russian authorities loans. Further, the government may impose diplomatic measures — to lower the status of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The US state Department has published the details of new sanctions against Russia


The most serious the last three steps is a complete ban on the export of goods from the United States, under which falls everything except food products; a total ban on the import of goods into the U.S. and ban public transit operators to carry out flights to the United States.

Holding “Dry” is not included in the sanctions list of SDN, but is present in the published in October of 2017 the list of defense companies, cooperation with which is fraught with secondary sanctions for organizations of any countries.

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