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The suspects in the poisoning of ex-spy of the GRU, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov gave an interview to RT, calling the trip to Salisbury tourist. What was the reaction of the Western media — a review of RBC

Photo: RT in Russian / YouTube

The Guardian, UK

“The suspects in the poisoning in Salisbury said that he had come to visit the Cathedral”

“Interview made skeptical observers of the Kremlin to think if it was a lousy alibi suspects a demonstration of defiance of Moscow, a slap in the face of Russian intelligence or version of events, aimed solely at a domestic audience.

More than 25 minutes visibly nervous Petrov and Bashirov spoke in detail about his two-day trip to Russia (Petrov and Bocharov were in the country from 2 to 4 March, followed by the data of the British police and the words of the men themselves. — RBC).

How to look suspects in the poisoning Skrobala. Photo gallery

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According to British police the names used by the suspects, aliases, and the police have evidence that they are working in the Russian intelligence service. Petrov and Bashirov denied it during the interview, although not given any information about where they live. They also did not show a passport proving their identity”.

“An unconvincing story of a couple from Salisbury only confirms the version of Britain”

“Explanation of the two suspects in the poisoning Sergei Skripal their presence in Salisbury in March, a tourist trip, from which they were distracted by the snowfall, so improbable, that raises questions about why Russia has chosen this version and what it says about the health of the state propaganda machine.

Most importantly interview the suspects in the poisoning Skrobala


Perhaps advocates are so accustomed to lie without consequences that he thought this explanation would be enough. <…> An alternative explanation is that Moscow is considering “the case Skripal” just as a means of trolling the British and to show that Russia is still what she thinks of London. But in recent months, Russia has been in diplomatic circles is not so. Icy contempt for the UK true, but the UN Security Council, Russian diplomats have made every possible effort to challenge Britain’s claim, to offer alternative explanations and to sway public opinion in their favor.


The third and probably most plausible explanation is that the interview was made primarily for viewers in Russia. Allegations of the British police, including the CCTV footage, widely dispersed in the Russian media, and so confusing and so just exposed operations took counter-version.

Of course, British officials thought that Vladimir Putin will not respond to the findings of the police investigation. Brazen Moscow will simply deny any information about the existence of men, called the video footage was fabricated and closed down shop.

The fact that Putin chose not to do, and instead allowed RT to conduct interview with English translations, speaks of a certain nervousness”.

Bi-bi-si, United Kingdom

“The Russian authorities will be hoping that the interview will cause in the country sympathy for those who called a couple of sellers of sports nutrition, who wanted to see the beautiful English Cathedral with 123-metre spire, and eventually became defendants in the assassination. But for Russia, the risk is that the interview raises more questions than it answers, and provides an opportunity for skeptics to cast doubt on a large number of items.

How true are men in General and in the part where they talk about the purpose of the visit in Salisbury? How truthful their description of the movements in the city, if it be compared with data from surveillance cameras? And after the British assumed that their names are aliases, how convincing their story about who they are, including their past, their place of work and their journey?”

Bloomberg, USA

“Interview, which took the main place in the Russian state media, have done little for international support to Moscow that it is not involved in the attack. Relations between London and Moscow, and so cool, entered into crisis after the assassination of <…>

Speaking of that, could the suspects to pass the house Skripal during his visit to Salisbury, Bashirov said, “We don’t know where he is” and “I never heard that name before.” The chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan, who was interviewed, at times, seemed more interested in innuendo around the relationship between this couple than in their possible status of the military.”

Video: RBC

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