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A group of investigators has published copies of official documents FMS a statement in the name of Alexander Petrov, which is marked “S. S.”. Sources say that it speaks about relations with special services and then “top secret”

Photo: Metropolitan Police

An international group of investigators Bellingcat has examined copies of official documents of the Federal migration service (abolished, now its functions are performed by the General Directorate for migration, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia. — RBC) with passport data, Aleksander Petrov, and a statement in his name for the identity document.

The passport dossier Petrov marked with the stamp “information does not give a” code 195-79-66. In words in front of the stamp is written “Peter Alexander Evgenievich”. Bellingcat indicates that such a stamp is not used in the standard files results Russian internal passports.

On the reverse side of the statement, which was published by Bellingcat, there is a mark “the letter S.”. The source of the group of investigators has suggested that it stands for “top secret”. The same version leads The Insider Russia.

In turn, bi-Bi-si has published a statement Petrova on the issuance (replacement) of the passport completely. On the front side of the application’s name is Petrov, date and place of birth, family status, place of residence, data on stay of foreign nationality. Below shows what passport he applies due to the “unsuitability”. Below are the date, applicant’s signature and the signature of the head of the passport service. The statement also specified the data — the number and series of passport issued in the name of Alexander Petrov. The statement attached photo.

On the reverse side all of the fields blank, and already there is marked “there is a letter C. C.” and is stamped with the signature “information does not give a” code 195-79-66. Bi-bi-si also indicates that the mark “is a letter to S. S.” stands for “there is a letter marked “top secret” that “can indicate the involvement of the applicant by the security services.” However, bi-Bi-si as the source of the information indicates “a source in the Federal migration service,” the service, which was abolished in 2016.

Another argument, which, according to Bellingcat, indicates “non-status” Petrova, is that his passport is missing information about the issuance of passport on which he arrived in the UK. Passport number specified in the “Aeroflot” on passengers, which has acquainted journalists of Bellingcat. Also in the passport Petrova’s no indication of a previously issued regular passports. Investigators indicate that in the analysed databases there are no traces of “presence” Petrov until 2009. Meanwhile, in the passport dossier of other citizens indicated a history of issuing all documents.

Discrepancies are contained in the graph of the place of residence. According to the published statement on the issuance of passports, Petrov 2007, lives in Moscow district Chertanovo. At the same time, according to rosreestra, writes Bi-bi-si, in 2007, the official owner of the apartment also bore the name of Petrov. However, other data do not coincide with the data of Alexander Petrov.

“Useless alibi”: the Western media — interview “poisoners” Skrobala


Journalist bi-Bi-si have visited listed in the application address. The door was opened by a woman who owns an apartment in 2014. She said that for two years, from 2014 to 2016, received the name of Alexander Petrov fines for traffic violations. She stressed that it is not familiar neither with the former owner of the apartment, nor with Alexander Petrov.

Most importantly interview the suspects in the poisoning Skrobala


Last week, September 5, the British police called Bocharova and Petrov suspects in the poisoning of ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in the blood which in March found traces of military nerve agents “Beginner” (produced in Russia).

On Wednesday President Vladimir Putin, commenting on London brought the charges against the Russians, called Petrov and Bashirova civilians and urged them to speak to the public.

The next day, September 13, RT released an interview with Bocharovym and Petrov. In conversation with the head of the TV channel Margarita Simonyan they confirmed that they are imprinted on the common British police photos. They have denied any involvement in the poisoning Skipala and assured that he came to Salisbury as a tourist destination. It was interesting to see the local sights, including the Gothic St. Mary’s Cathedral and Stonehenge, which is located 13 km from Salisbury.

London called interview Petrova and Bashirova “lies and falsification”


The British foreign office, commenting on the interview with the Russians, said that Bashirov and Petrov worked for the Russian intelligence services, and the information they provided, the Ministry called the “lies and falsification”. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in response to this noted that the reaction of London is absurd.

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