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The defense Ministry called “egregious” published by Igor Giorgadze information. The Ministry pointed to the presence in them of signs of serious violations of the American party to the Convention on the prohibition of biological weapons

Igor Giorgadze, 2008

(Photo: Natalia Lvova / “Publishing house Rodionova” / TASS)

The Ministry of defense of Russia in the beginning of the test made public by the former Minister of state security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze data. He talked about the fact that the victims held in by the Americans near Tbilisi, the research centre of human experimentation could become a few dozen people.

“Become known egregious facts and the documents contained evidence of serious violations of the American party to the Convention on the prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and on their destruction, ratified by the USA in 1972,” — said in the Ministry of defense.

The Department explained that the presented Giorgadze documents have already been studied by specialists and the results of their analysis will be presented to the international community.

The former head of the MGB of Georgia have linked the death of thousands of Georgians with the secret experiments the US


11 Sep Giorgadze at a press conference in Moscow said that at the Research center of public health, and Richard Lugar (the Lugar Lab) American experts conducted secret experiments on human beings.

“A number of such experiments have ended with a lethal outcome for my compatriots,” — said Giorgadze, noting that, according to him the documents just one day in December 2015 in the Laboratory Lugar died on 24 patients.

“The data for April and August 2016 in April 30 people dying in August — 13. It is puzzling that in the column “cause of death” appears the entry “Unknown.” No investigations about the cause of death has not been,” — said Giorgadze, urging the US leadership, including current President Donald trump, to investigate the activities of the Laboratory Lugar and close it.

In 2015, the Russian foreign Ministry expressed concern about the placement in Russia’s neighboring countries, the laboratories of the Pentagon. In a statement the foreign Ministry emphasized that the American and the Georgian authorities “have made efforts to conceal the content and focus of” working under the roof of the Laboratory Lugar research division of the US army dealing with the study of especially dangerous infectious diseases.

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