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We are talking about the rally against dump “Sound”, which was held in late March. Protesters accused of using violence against a representative of authority — the head of the Volokolamsk district Eugene Gavrilov

Photo: Arthur Novosiltsev / TASS

One of the participants of the March protests in Volokolamsk against landfill “Sound” Anatoly Chiesanova was charged with assaulting a former head of the city district and the use against him of violence (part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code). Earlier it passed on business in the status of the suspect. This follows from the decision of the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in Moscow region (there RBC). Previously filed Chiesanova the prosecution announced the publication of the Village.

The protest in question took place on March 21. Chipinaw, specified in the resolution, realizing that Eugene Gavrilov is the government representative is in the performance of their official duties, caused him “physical force at least one header from the left temporal region of the head.”

As a result, Gavrilova diagnosed closed cherepno-a brain trauma, a bruise in the left temporal region and brain concussion. “Set closed cherepno-a brain trauma is seen as causing light injury on the basis of short his disorder for a period not exceeding 21 days”, — stated in the materials of the investigation.

The punishment for the charges Chiesanova charges involves the deprivation of liberty for a term up to 10 years. RBC asked for a comment in a press-service of the Governor and the government of the Moscow region.

Lawyer Chiesanova Alexander Tyurin has explained RBC that Chipinaw was previously a suspect in the case of the use of violence against the former head of the Volokolamsk district Eugene Gavrilov, and he was elected a measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave.

“Now my client has changed only the status, he is now accused. But we believe that it [Anatoly] pushed and he pounded Gavrilova. If Anatoly was not around, he would not have been the culprit. In addition, raises questions of medical expertise. The first was conducted not at the place allegedly causing injury, in Volokolamsk, but in Moscow. But this place was determined not by the result, but personally Gavrilov”, — said Tyurin.

Eugene Gavrilov was dismissed from his post as head of administration Volokolamsk district on March 23. The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov explained by the fact that Gavrilov lost dialogue with local residents on the situation in the garbage landfill “Sound”. The dump at that time was the emission of landfill gas into the atmosphere.

21 March, the residents of Volokolamsk went on a spontaneous rally. At a meeting with protesting citizens came sparrows and Gavrilov. The Governor has promised to close the landfill and to resolve the issue of emission of harmful gases. During the meeting, the crowd showered the officials with snowballs.

Currently Eugene Gavrilov holds the position of Deputy Minister of housing, Moscow region.

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