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Russian anti-doping Agency and the Russian government, in the opinion of the independent Committee of WADA compliance, worked on the restoration of sustainable anti-doping programs in the country

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Independent Committee for the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) compliance recommended that the Executive Committee of the organization to restore the rights of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA). This is stated in a press release from the Agency.

To take up the issue, the Committee suggested that at the next meeting, which is scheduled for September 20.

“It is important to note that <…> the Agency (RUSADA. — RBC), the Russian authorities and partners have worked very hard on the restoration of a robust and sustainable anti-doping programs in Russia that their anti-doping system have been significant changes”, — noted in the Commission WADA.

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RBC sent a request to the press-service RUSADA.

The Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov, commenting on the decision stated that he was sure that WADA sooner or later recognize the work conducted by Russia in the fight against doping.

“It’s important to restore RUSADA at the next WADA Executive Committee. We hope and will wait for the decision on 20 September. Believe me, we did everything we could. And are willing to continue to cooperate with our foreign partners, to continue working in this direction, to comply with common rules, equal for all” — are the words Kolobkov in the message of the Ministry of sports, arrived in RBC.

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The journalist was deprived of the rights in 2015. This move followed the report of the independent Commission under the leadership of Richard McLaren about doping in Russian sports. In November 2017, WADA refused to restore RUSADA rights, because the Russian Agency acknowledged that officials of the Ministry of sport participated in the doping scheme disclosed Commission of McLaren. Also, as mentioned in the document, was not executed the item of the WADA access to data and analyses of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory.

In March 2017, President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that anti-doping system in Russia “has not worked and it’s our fault”. He urged to listen to the demands of WADA, “despite the failures in the work of the independent Commission.”

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